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Minor and Major Body Repair in Manchester

Complete & Comprehensive

If you have been involved in a minor collision, it is more than likely that your car’s bumper or other panels has been damaged in some way.


Body repair is the best and the most correct way to repair minor bumps and dents, scratches and scrapes. If you have been involved in a minor collision, it is likely that your car’s bumper has been damaged. We offer a
professional bumper repair service and this includes repairs to bumper scuffs, scratches, as well as a full bumper replacement. Scratches, scrapes and stone chips are also easily repaired by our efficient team. Minor body
repairs are as important as any other, as left unattended, scratches can pave the way for the entry of rust and lead to deeper corrosion and damage. Minor body repairs by our professionals at Glass Finish will leave your car looking as good as new.

Accident Repair Services

After a car crash, it’s likely that you’ll need car body repair, whether major or minor. Our team have over 10 years’ experience working with the full range of car repairs, and as part of our pledge to remain Manchester’s body shop of choice, we’ve committed to a policy of complete transparency, efficiency, and quality.

Minor Body Repair

Following a crash or a scrape, damage is often obvious; if you’ve got a bumper scuff or scratch, it’s clear that your car needs a repair. However, even for minor scrapes require attention as soon as possible, as they can allow rust under your car’s coat and cause eventual structural damage. In some instances, the underlying corrosion caused by neglected scratches can leave your car too costly in the eyes of insurance firms.

Major Body Repair

We know that some car accidents require more work than others, so our specialists can work with more major body repairs as well. If your bumpers or other body panels have been dented or even if they need to be replaced, our experts have access to the highest industry equipment to work on major damage to your car’s body.

Contact Us

If you’ve been involved in a collision and require any major or minor body repair, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team are well-versed in the full range of auto repairs and will be happy to talk through whatever service you need. Talk to one of our friendly experts today to talk through the services we offer in more detail, and for your convenience we offer a pickup and delivery service. Call us today on 07990090073, or email at to start the process to get back on the road.

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